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Audiovisual Services for Corporate Events

Specializing in Presentation Graphics 

and live ARS audience response polling.

About Us

Audiovisual Services

Serving your audiovisual needs for your corporate event. We are based in Hollywood, Florida and we travel as needed for you.

PowerPoint or Keynote Graphics

We have reliable technicians who are qualified in operating Microsoft PowerPoint®, Apple Keynote and other graphics programs for your event.

ARS Audience Response System

You can Poll your audience live and show the results instantly on the big screen on your PowerPoint slides. Lively music during your polling adds to the excitement. 

ARS audience Polling


Keep your group participating

Captivate your audience with interacting polling that provides instant feedback and graphically showing the results within seconds.


Generate excitement

Your results are displayed on the video screen for all to see, revealing how your message is getting across to your audience.


The Data is Recorded

After the session an Excel file is made showing a breakdown of how your participants voted during your session.

If you wish, you may see how each individual has scored.

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We can serve your audiovisual needs on location around the U. S.

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